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9 Online Gold Mines for Finding Paid Freelance Writing Jobs

Although some jobs are for specific locations, they offer positions available for work at home freelancers. You may also find a client in your city who would be flexible about working arrangements if you were a stellar candidate, so consider applying for opportunities in your area and pitching your services on a telecommute basis. 2. Fo, writeJobs is a great way to spend a Monday morning. This site collects leads for you and posts them every week day. Handy tabs let you browse through leads from go to websites like Craigslist as well as other freelance for hire websites and more traditional paying literary markets.

Go Back, go Back, copyright. You can search by location, keyword or requirements to find the perfect gig and local and national newspapers as well as independent magazines often post opportunities here. 6. Write to Done, write to Done offers a way for writers to work on their skills and learn how to write more effectively and attract not simply more work but a higher.

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Clients can take them up on their offer or use it as a springboard to brainstorm on other projects. 8. The Write Life, the Write Life is more than just another writing website it embraces the entire writing lifestyle and aims to improve the lives of readers by improving the life and experience of writers all over the world. By Leslie Anglesey, freelance writers often work from home, as opposed to paying for office space. Women who choose this career path may want the flexibility of being able to work on their own schedule in order to balance family responsibilities.