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Many public libraries have homework centers with tutors or other kinds of one-on-one assistance. After your child has completed the research, listen as he tells you the points he wants to make in the report. Writing out assignments will get him used to the idea of keeping track of what's due and when. If your child is not yet able to write, write it for him until he can do it himself. If your child doesn't understand the instructions, read them with her and talk about the assignment. Does it have words that she doesn't know? How can she find out what the words mean? If neither you nor your child understands an assignment, call one of her classmates or get in touch with the teacher. Do you need help in understanding how to do this assignment? Give practice tests. Help your third grader prepare for a spelling test by saying the words as she writes them. Have her correct her own test as you spell each word. And it won't help him become confident in his own abilities. Here are some ways that you can provide guidance without taking over your child's homework. Help Your Child Get Organized, help your child to make a schedule and put it in a place where you'll see it often. For example, if your eighth grader has a biology report due in three weeks, discuss all the steps she needs to take to complete it on time, including: selecting a topic; doing the research by looking up books and other materials on the topic and taking notes; figuring out what questions to discuss; drafting an outline; writing a rough draft;.