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Safe School Helpline - West Virginia Department of Education

Help keep our schools safe with the Safe School Helpline! Break the Silence. Prevent the Event -voice ext. 359 ( ext. 359 use the Safe School Helpline to report threats of violence, suicide, bullying and illegal activity that could harm students in our schools. Q. Who can call this number? Everyone within our school, including: Students, teachers, staff, parents, administrators, q. Can I change my message later? How will you know who is calling? Yes. Can this service help troubled students, too? Yes. If you see a student who is very troubled, or overhear remarks like "I can't go on please report it. The call will e routed to a Community Counseling and Crisis Center that provides a 24-hour crisis intervention service. When you call. Do not provide your name unless you want to identify yourself to school officials. A typed transcript of your message will be provided to your school. Your report will be assigned a case number, which you may use later to confirm that your report was received and investigated. NEW: Text your concern to the Safe School Helpline! Text 6646 and type \"tips\" as the message, you will receive a text back instructing you to state the name and location of your school.

To report a problem, call -voice  ext. 359  ( ext. 359 oR go to m to make your report online. The Safe School Helpline is available all day, every day.  Your email address or other identifying information will not be shared with school officials unless you request it to be.

Franklin County Hotline for Suicide Prevention).

Help-line users receive an identification number when they call in, enabling them to call back and get an update regarding what has been done to address the situation they reported. Reports can also be made on-line by clicking here.