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Why Writing Can Help Heal Depression - 2 Storied Mind

While seeking therapy, counseling, and possibly medication are important steps to take in getting help, writing definitely has a place in healing from depression. Define the Problem, one of the things that can make depression so frightening is that it is hard to define.

Making It Beautiful, as you write, you may be delighted to find that ugly, sad thoughts turn into beautiful phrases. Your depression can be transformed into something moving, meaningful, and creative. For now, write only for your own healing and be accountable only to yourself. Taking Action, writing is helpful in that you are doing something something that does not require money, making appointments, or anything else that can seem overwhelming when you are depressed. Keep It Private for Now, when you write, you do not need the judgment of others or the pressure to appear brilliant or correct. You are not writing for others, but for yourself. When you write, your thoughts and feelings are in black and white and can be evaluated and read by you. Problems look more manageable that way. Being able to view these issues clearly can help you get a handle on them.

That means you can make it through your present struggles as well. The Inner World. Sigmund Freud had a theory that depression is a symptom of some unaddressed issue of the subconscious that needs attention.

If, in the back of your mind, you are thinking of who is going to read your writings and what he or she might think of them, you are inhibited. Eventually, you may want to share your writings, but only with your counselor, therapist, or trusted friend.