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Online Dating Tips - How To Write Your Best Profile

Mention the time you went cliff diving in Hawaii, did stand-up comedy in front of a live audience for the first time, or backpacked through Europe after college. Including stories in your profile will make relating to you easier. Either way, keep your answer upbeat. When the question is specific, as on IvyDate, focus on injecting passion into your answer. In this case, try discussing a particular charity or showing a softer side. To write a profile effectively, you need to hit all of the must-haves on the following list: Close, the most important element of your profile is the first line, because it will determine whether your matches will continue reading. Talking about multiple topics and providing some information will inspire others to ask questions, which means youll find more emails in your inbox. Lets face it, confidence is sexy. Online, you can inject that same sex appeal into your profile through words rather than demeanor.

While its nice to tell your matches a bit about where you come from, your profile is not an autobiography. Its more important to focus on the real-time you. Dating profiles are meant to intrigue your match, so dont tell your entire historyleave them with a little mystery. My lifes soundtrack is always on remix. Im a foodie but not a snob. The body of your profile can then explain this statement. Note that a short first sentence is best, too. Advertisement). Techniques like this will make you approachable and relatable. Check your spelling and grammar. This cannot be emphasized enough. Not only does skimping on it make you appear less intelligent and lazy (especially since most Web browsers will even spellcheck for you but it also suggests a lack of effort and priority toward your love life not exactly a turn-on.