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Descriptive Essays: How to Write a Profile Essay

The profile essay, therefore, is very much part expressive, part objective; its an interesting hybrid between the two.  Its expository in that you want to inform your readers about your subjectyou want readers to learn something about your subject they might not have known otherwiseyour unique observations and/or analysis.  Don't say : Eat more fats. Do say : Add fats with some nutritional value to the foods you already eat. Try olive oil, butter, avocado, and mayonnaise. A vivid presentation: particularize instead of generalizing.  Instead of writing about teenagers in general, a profiler will show us a vivid portrait of one in particular, and leave it to readers to draw their own generalizations, if they wish.

The familiar or the exotic.  Even the mundane can look interesting if you look closely and have a unique perspective to offer.  Whatever your subject, you goal is to bring out its uniqueness, show whats amazing or fascinating about it to you. This kind of writing helps you practice the field research methods used across many disciplines: observing, interviewing, and notetaking are all techniques commonly used by investigative reporters, social scientists, and naturalists. 

The writer usually conveys an interesting interpretation or perspective that gives us something interesting or something provocative to respond to.  (Memphis Minnie) They may be interesting to us, also, because they introduce us to the exoticpeculiar hobbies, unusual professions, bizarre personalities. Conformity Mind-map: Identity Understanding the 'Rhetorical Situation' Assignments Page Announcements Page WRT 120 Course Syllabus for Fall 2005 ENG Q20: Basic Writing Go Exploring Weblog for WRT 120 Writing Assistance on the Web Blackboard at WCU WCU Homepage WCU's Francis Harvey Green Library Writing Profiles Why do writers use the profile?

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