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In brief, these sessions make learning topics easier and explicable. Get your online session with expert tutors today. Most college students find difficulties in solving Statistics problems. Our tutors are experienced and help students in understanding different concepts of Statistics at their fingertips. The subject experts are experienced and they go through training before starting their sessions. As a result, they put their best and make each learning session helpful for students at all times. Solution: Step 1: Arrange the data in ascending order 3, 9, 15, 17, 44, step 2: N 5, since n is odd, The number in the middle is taken as the median. Statistics is a method of collecting, analyzing, interpreting and statistical representation of data. It focuses on gaining information from numerical data. Statistics can sum up and simplify large amounts of numerical data. Find the probability of a child likes either ice-cream or sweet or both. Solution: P(Ice-cream) 10, P(Sweets) 15 and P(Ice-cream and sweets) 8, we need to calculate P(Ice-cream or sweets) to find the probability of a child likes either ice-cream or sweet or both. To understand its concepts in a clear manner, students need to practice each of them methodically. TutorVista offers organized online sessions for each Statistics topic. These are the most important topics of this study. Type Your Question Here, oR, watch Our Video, testimonials "TutorNext has made the biggest difference to my grades. I am not only getting my assignments done on time but also learning better.".