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You have to keep in mind that before publishing your article you have to satisfy the editors. Write the how to instructions in simple tone so that anyone can easily understand.

Always give complete instructions to your readers so that they achieve what they want to do. One thing which you have to keep in mind that earnings are not too much in the eHow, therefore, if you like to get paid by eHow, you have to write hundreds of articles.  Thanks Pat for this seemingly comprehensive list of article sites that allow revenue sharing. Your previous eHow success inspired me to try to write for passive.

All you have to do is write the articles by giving step by step instructions. By writing these how to articles, you are actually going to earn money from eHow. The income depends on how many visits or clicks you received from your articles.

Strictly follow the guidelines to get maximum clicks and earn money from eHow. Once you submit any article, it will go to the editor who will check it according to the provided guidelines. How to Make Money on eHow. If you have tried and tried repeatedly with no success to make your first dollar online, then you will want to keep reading this article. You can visit the news website to choose the hot topics. Social media is another effective platform where you can see what people love to know these days. If you are able to select the topic that is highly demanded these days, you will definitely able to generate the traffic  to your article link. The main secret for success on the ehow is knowledge and understanding of search engine optimization. Guidelines for Make Money Writing for eHow, always choose topics that you are interested to write instead of writing about something you dont like.