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You can feel that this is a tool from developers for developers. For example, to iterate through all jobs available in a Jenkins installation, all you need in Python is 3 lines of code. As I was signing up for the event, I started thinking that weve been using Hudson/Jenkins for years now. Through the years, certain Jenkins features/plugins have really paid off and been life savers for getting higher-quality software out quicker. He is a big fan of JUGs, OSS communities and beer. He blogs at m, tweets from @toomasr and also runs the non-profit m website. In his spare time he plays Go and is obsessed with Tennis.

So it may be handy to copy a resulting artifact from one build job into another job that will run tests against it. It does sound a bit hackish, but it is way better than referencing your artifacts from one job folder to another.

Conclusions This was our list, a list that is suitable to deliver Java-based software that needs to be tested on a large matrix of Java versions, vendors and JEE containers. The whole list is not universal but the 4 features mentioned in the beginning will always stand out. The subset can be defined either by a regular expression or explicit project selection. Amazon EC2. One of the little-mentioned features, which I think is totally taken for granted in Jenkins, is its ability to scale out to a large number of nodes and distribute the workload between them.

View Filters, once you get a large number of jobs in your installation (we have about 200 defined you will want to organize them so that the right people can get a quick grasp of the current status of the builds in which they are interested. Imagine that you have some files generated through your builds that are not actual artifacts. Lets say logs, debug info, obfuscation maps whatnot. This plugin lets you to copy them to a master and provide an easy html file that will have links to these special files of yours for really quick access.