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Community Service Ideas for Students: Letter Writing Certificate

Only do this if the person or place you are submitting your letter to allows it! If you are able to submit a letter written by someone other than your supervisor, ask a coworker or someone else you worked closely with and who knows you and the work you did well. It will most likely be your supervisor or boss who writes your community service letter 3. Ask Them! Once you have decided who you want to write your community service letter, the next step is to ask. Having that information can be useful for multiple situations, including the following: College Applications, if your community service work was particularly important for you, for example, if you spent a significant amount of time at one location, worked for an organization that is in the same field as your future career, or reference your community service work in other parts. I looked around for a few and I didnt like what I saw (the story of my life) so I decided to make my own. Here it is: December 5, 2011, dear Sir or Madam, This letter confirms that _ volunteered time at _. In any case, don't just choose your best friend at community service to write your letter. You want someone who can write professionally about the work you did and explain clearly why you are a strong worker. Scholarships, there are many community service scholarships available, and some require a letter or recommendation or proof of your community service as part of the application. Resumes, if you include your community service work on your resume (which you should, many jobs count volunteer work as work experience attaching your community service letter gives the employer more information about your.

Home » Leadership, community Service Letter Template, ive been asked on occasion by parents if their child can volunteer some hours in the non-profit organization I help out at. I guess these kids need a certain number of hours where they help out the community through volunteering their time.