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New Common App Takes Common to Absurd Extremes Josh Stephens

Often students are reminded that they should go the extra mile with grammar and spelling, but putting that advice to practice is difficult. Reading sample college admission essays provide an opportunity to observe not only which errors might be most common (and thus, things to look out for but also to appreciate the importance of good grammar and provide enough.

No tailoring. No swapping. No nothing. The help section advises (here and here "In general, the Common Application is designed to be completed one time and submitted to all of the colleges at once, or over a period of time. The Common App has finally gotten an upgrade. Released this week, the online application used by over 450 of the nation's most selective colleges and universities now offers a sleeker, more navigable interface than ever before.

Likewise, all 488 schools that belong to the Common App all advertise unique opportunities. What these students do with this interface should be no one's business but theirs and the recipients'.

That is, if they follow the rules. One of the directives that the Common App is emphasizing this year, is that students should not submit different personal statements (often called main essays) for different colleges.

Hardly. In fact, they wouldn't even know about the other essay. The only thing that suffers is the Common App's corporate ego. Supplements, the Common App insists that students should feel comfortable submitting a standard essay because colleges can ask for customized responses via their supplemental essays.

Figuring Out What Works, sample college admission essays give applicants a chance to figure what to write and what to avoid. For example, a student may wish to write about a particular hardship in life which he or she has overcome. But since when does a multi-million dollar enterprise care about how a 17-year-old spends his time? It does so when that enterprise wants to sacrifice students' intellect, creativity, and chances at college admission for the sake of a brand.