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Samsung electronics manufactures everything by itself. From microchips to laptops and other electronic gadgets, it dominates over its competitors by manufacturing everything. Samsung focuses on creating innovative products and in turn, captures the interest of the high end market. Samsung electronics promotional activities cost it dearly. The lack of innovation and fresh ideas in the electronic market is also a disadvantage as it courses the demand for products to drop. Therefore, it is of the upmost importance that the company has a serious backup plan if the banning should take place. By marketing its phones that operate under the other platforms, Samsung will be able to minimize the potential losses felt from its top selling products being outlawed. Legislation in the UK such as high charging for energy bill also promotes substitutes in to electronic industry so it is a growing threat in this sector. Degree of rivalry, perhaps this is one of the most important of Porters 5 forces, since competition is what tends drives innovation changes in the market since firms strive for a competitive advantage. This is evidence of friendly' competition within the automotive sector. Barriers to entry, this relates to how easy it is to enter the market place, this force has only negative implications on current market competitors since the easier entry into a market is the more competitors there potentially is. Scope of. Page 1 of 9, next Related Essays: Loading. Regardless of the provider that Samsung endorses the highest, there is one other glaring problem that the company must address beside the lawsuit with Apple. Samsung has consistently received negative reviews and feedback on its customer service.

The issue of losing one of its key products looms largely on Samsungs mobile phone division, however the company has acquired multiple platforms for operation in the Smartphone market. Currently, Samsung produces Smartphones that run on multiple mobile operating systems.