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He can guard something, learn something, or search for something as he endures his epic journey, but there should be some purpose to his adventure. Decide who your heros helpers will be. Anyway, check in with an opinion if you have one. -OEJ 03:22, 25 February 2007 (UTC) I'd go with the humourous style at the expense of the "long and boring" joke and bold text. Tips for Parents: Writing an epic story or poem can be especially helpful for kids who might be experiencing a hard time or facing a move to a new city or state.

I can do either. (I warn you: I cannot do a completely straight epic poem. If I produce a Nieblungenlied -style poem it will have sneaky puns and shit in it, I simply can't help it. The only actual original stuff is at the top, which I could read (kinda sorta) and it wasn't all that funny. - S i r, z o m b i e b a r o n 03:28, 23 November 2006 (UTC apparently you've never read an epic poem; them bitches are hell tryin to read. I would like the subsequent poem to overcome the objections of the community. For me writing doggerel poetry is much like doing crossword puzzles - it ain't quite the burdensome task that it would be for The Jeff Killer (no bad cess to him; it's just a difference in personality and, well, the fact that I have extensive brain damage.

I have no objection to you rewriting the poem, but I do think it's a bit of a pointless exercise - rather like Long article, even if it's brilliant, most people are just going to glance over it and barely see it.