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The Video Post Department utilizes both linear and non-linear systems for ntsc and PAL editing. It includes 2D and 3D Graphics using Macintosh and Silicon Graphics systems. Audio Services for virtually all motion picture, video and audio applications, (i.e., recording, laybacks, editing, rerecording, sweetening and mixing, etc.) in a variety of digital or analog formats are available. In 1952, wRS began as a motion picture laboratory dedicated to excellence in manufacturing coupled with personalized service. Here, the founding commitment of service and quality exists as strongly as ever. Post services include off-line editing, negative conforming and video match back. The 5-Suite Telecine, operation includes 3 fully digital suites to provide very high quality direct transfers to ntsc or PAL on both Rank and Bosch systems, to conventional 4 x 3 or 16 x 9 formats.

That commitment is the cornerstone of our growth and future. WRS is now a multifaceted company. The Crafton facility encompasses 213,000 square feet of clean, secure, climate controlled space in its main building in its own 43 acre industrial park.

We also offer. Digital audio restoration and enhancement along with large volume audio and CD duplication. WRS is an approved, airline Duplicator for Sony Transcom, Hughes Avicom and Matshusita Avionics systems.

Keep It Real Main Page. We have 20 additional air-conditioned vaults in Kearny, New Jersey to better serve the NEW york area. Top rate security procedures, bar coding, and fire protected facilities further enhance the security of our clients' assets.