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If you were to buy, what color do you think you would choose? Also, share with them stories and testimonies from other customers. Wow, we've sure learned plenty from TM Thiiban!

We moved on to the evaluation session which was led by our general evaluator, TM Justin Ong. The first evaluation for the projected speeches was then done by our special guest again, TM Eddie Lai, who gave his humble feedback on our persuasive speaker TM Denise Thngs speech.

Saturday, a s usual, witty TM Ahmad began the meeting with his sense of humor, telling us to not answer our phones unless its from our mother. TM Ahmad addressing the audience. Today's meeting ended on a really positive note and vibe. We took away a lot of things to learn and experience to add to our already infinite amount of memories. We'd like to say a huge Thank You to everyone who was present today.

Toastmasters Club. He then asked everyone to answer this question as they introduced themselves: if you could have an unlimited supply of anything, what would it be? Answers ranged from money, love, free education, time, to positive energy, opportunities, justice and.

In order to make a change, you need to change your mindset start small, which is better than nothing. Also, we loved how she incorporated some humor in her speech by complaining about our body part the lower stomach: Like, why are you even there! You are like a muffin from last year. Great speech, Denise! TM Denise delivering her speech. Our second speaker, TM James Kan, began with a really humorous opening. He talked about how he had his first night.