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The research was deep, the editing long. Each article took me between four and eight hours to complete. Furthermore, I wrote on topics outside of my normal discipline (copywriting and advertising advanced search engine optimization techniques, business innovation, startup challenges and web analytics. With Google constantly updating (improving) their algorithms, only the highest quality content will work. Otherwise, youre climbing a mountain of sand. You are at your clients mercy for referrals : Do a good job and your client will refer you to other clients. You dont have to worry about taking the public criticism of your content. You just write. However, there are also disadvantages: You may get taken advantage of : A wet-behind-the-ears-freelancer may not have the experience or courage to negotiate a good fee. Where I come from, we call this trust. So if a real person is claiming to be the author behind a book or blog but hires someone else to write the content, he or she is violating that contract.

Not give credit is to pretend you did it, which shows a lack of character in my eyes. Think about it: in the online economy, trust is huge. Ghostwriting violates that trust. No questions asked. Just do the job. Get paid. And get out. Smart ghostwriters learn how to bank off the growing success of their clients by incorporating royalties and success measurements into their contracts. So

You are telling somebody you are responsible for the words and thoughts when, in fact, you paid for it. Write.