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Comparing Off-the-shelf software and Custom software by

Custom software will typically take months to develop. Given the cost in time and money, custom software generally does not provide the return on investment to justify the investment. IWAs experience merely reinforces this fact.

The software will work exactly how they want it to work. The software will only have the features that they specifically need in their business. The main disadvantages of this approach are: It takes a long time to develop such a system, between a few months to years. Research and development of the product is borne solely by one association as opposed to spreading those costs over many clients. Developing software is time-consuming. OTS software is typically available in months or weeks (even days with some SaaS models). Web design application - creating personal or business web sites. Reasons to use off-the-shelf software: It is relatively cheap, especially when compared to custom written software. It is easily available from most computer shops, it will have been thoroughly tested so there wont be any serious problems or bugs. This discovery process allowed IWA to learn more about what data it manages and how it manages it. This information will be useful to IWA regardless of which system they ultimately choose. There will be lots of user support i.e. Books, user guides, online help and discussion forums on the Internet. Challenge see if you can find out one extra fact on this topic that we haven't already told you, click on this link: Off-the-shelf software. Lessons Learned, it should be acknowledged that by choosing the OTS SaaS offering, IWA is not going to get everything they want. The custom solution offered by IVendor would likely have provided some significant functionality that IWA will not get from the SaaS solution.