Custom writing in sand -

Custom Sand Writing Photograph - Nature s Notebook

Then move to Inner Shadow tab and add a small inner shadow to your text. Press Ok. 09. And your writing in the sand is complete! This tutorial will show you how to create a realistic writing in the sand effect in Photoshop. 01. Open a picture with a sand. It can be any color or type of sand just as long as its a sand or any type of grain. If all is good, go to Filter Distort Displace. Click Yes if asked if rasterize the layer. 07. Be sure all the options are as shown below. Then if you click OK, Photoshop wants you to locate a file. Be sure to place and size your text exactly as you would want to since next step will rasterize the layer and now further changes cannot be made to the written text. A beautifully carved message in the sand is written and the unique photo taken by a gifted photographer at just the right combination of time of day, level of the tide, and a sunny sky over a pristine beach.

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02. Now go to the Channels view and select the blue channel only. Then right click on it and choose Duplicate layer. 03. Be sure the duplicate channel is selected and that you are still in the Channel view. Locate the d that you saved earlier and open it. 08. Now the edges of your text should be all sandy. To give more depth to the text, go to Layer Layer Style Color Overlay and add bit darker shade of your sand and set a different blend mode to it.