Essay for college honors program -


You can go as far as your mind lets you. What you believe, remember, you can achieve. Being a part of the Honors Program will allow me to go above and beyond what I think I can accomplish and achieve. We are trying to find students who have a lot of ability and who would really flourish in college and add something to the community, but maybe didnt have the highest SAT scores or GPA.

Were looking for people who are intellectually curious, motivated; they may have an intense interest in the subjects. A lot of our students are doing a number of different things. Ill tell you what we dont wantIf you are an English major, or a chemist, or a violinist, and all you really want to do is English or chemistry or. It isnt that were looking for people who are well rounded thats a phrase I dont like. I had a professor who said Well-rounded that means a person without edges! Without personality! High school seniors applying for admission to the Kilachand Honors College often ask what were looking for in our potential students and what they should include in their essays. First, read the information on this website. I like being challenged mentally and that is exactly what the Honors Program will do for me. In the Honors Program I will be able to engage in social and cultural seminars that I know I will thoroughly enjoy.

The Kilachand Honors College isnt for everyone, but if it is a good fit for you, youll know after reading this information. Second, think about what your personal goals and interests. Here is Professor Charles Dellheim, Director of the Kilachand Honors College, explaining how Kilachand Honors College students stand out from students in a traditional honors program: What are we looking for?