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Thousands of websites every day need fresh content; the web is a fast-moving place and website owners simply cant let their website become dated, enabling article writers around the world to benefit. A lot of article writers are asked to ensure their writing passes copyscape. Copyscape is a piece of software that the hirer will use to check that the article youve written is original (you didnt copy/paste it and steal it from another site). Article writing is certainly one of the main areas I see people actually making good money in. Every month theyre growing their income while working the hours they choose. Article writing is also increasingly done by speaking directly into the PC too, with the latest PCs now having Dragon Dictate built in so theres no longer any typing even, making. Articles you write must be unique, it is illegal to copy/paste somebody elses work and pass it off as your own. Image P64271 by geralt/Pixabay, qrss, like this: Like, loading. Related. L iterally thousands of fresh articles are written for the Internet, newsletters, magazines and many other publications, every day. Freelance article writers are always in hot demand, in all languages. Sometimes articles will need to be light and breezy and just a few hundred words, sometimes article writers are needed for longer, or more technical, articles. Instead of sitting at the keyboard and typing up an article, article writers are dictating it into their PC with just a few minor tweaks at the end it couldnt be any easier. Freelance online writers will always have more than enough work to keep them busy and can choose what work to do and at what rate. Here are some article writing jobs that are needed to be filled right now: Most article writing jobs are for ongoing work, so applying for one article writing job could easily lead to you having.

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