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Source: Voices from the Middle, Volume 5 Number 1, February 1998 7.  Writing is effectively used as a tool for thinking and learning throughout the curriculum. Read this: Middle school educator Leslie Franks was challenged by another teacher researcher's question: What would happen if science and writing were presented as interrelated ways of knowing about the world? Cause and Effect, compareContrastMap, graphic Organizers, harold's Purple Crayon Link, let's Write a Letter (Friendly or Business) Letterpop (Create Online Newsletters with Photos read Write Think, circle Plot Diagram, read Write Think Doodle Splash. Try this: Seventh and eighth grade teacher, Elizabeth Canaday, describes curriculum developed by three middle school teachers, in collaboration with the education department of a museum, in which students learn and practice the skills involved in visual observation and apply them to reading and writing. Source: Voices from the Middle, Volume 6, Number 3, March 1999 Veteran writing teacher Tom Romano shares stories, strategies, favorite leads and more as he shepherds student writing through to publication.

Source: English Journal, Volume 90, Number 1, September 2000, try this: Successful teachers of writing have found ways to support and extend self-selection of writing topics. Two educators share a framework they developed and an example of its use with a set of women's history month assignments. Grade 6 English Critical Writing. Understand the different types of writing and master descriptive, narrative, story,. Grade 6 Englsih Curriculum.

Source: Voices from the Middle, Volume 8, Number 1, September 2000 Try this: ELL educator Brett Elizabeth Blake suggests that, in order to re-invigorate writing in schools, educators need to remind themselves of the importance of the tools of the writing process to help them explore the distinct and multiple voices and texts.