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Does your childs math homework have you stumped? Does he need help with a science project? Direct him online to the growing number of homework help websites to help him find answers to his burning questions.

Such resources range from reference sites to those staffed by experts. A site may have teachers or professionals your child can email to ask a question. If she has a question about the planets, she can find an expert astronomer.

If your child is doing research on sea animals, he can use a reference online such as an almanac or an encyclopedia to help complete his homework and develop his research skills.

Read reviews of homework-help websites and articles about homework help. M. This site is a free homework information portal that provides access to K-12 homework-related sites. Its organized by topic and grade level for ease of use.

Share on Pinterest. Help your child check the site to see when she can expect an answer it may take a few days or weeks. Reference sites range from atlases to encyclopedias. They are a place your child can go to access information to help answer their questions.

There are websites that are subject and grade level specific. Some sites give free advice, while others charge a fee. Help your child learn that its important to evaluate the source of any information she gets online and show her how to find the About Us section of a site. Inform your child that these sites are tools to help her answer questions and that she will need to cite and acknowledge others work correctly. The following sites will assist you in finding resources to help your child successfully complete his homework assignments.