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The mom who says the kids are fine. What does that mean? Do you know that if you ask kids who are living with a crack addict mom if they are fine, theyll say yes. Its the only study that covers such a long period of time, and she concludes that divorce is absolutely terrible for kids over the long-term. And a wide range of studies have concurred.

And come home for dinner. The person who says they are a victim of violence. Two-thirds of divorces take place in low-conflict homes, and in those cases, the kids are much better off if the parent just stick it out. Oh, god, I hear this so many times. The guy is not where he wants to be in his career. He has so many ideas, so many dreams, and he is really unhappy where his is. Bonus: If you start loving your husband again you will probably love your job again because youll feel good that the job allows you to create a happy family. The guy who thinks his wife is holding back his career. Newsflash: if your wife is really crazy, then you are crazy for leaving your kids alone with her. In fact, you are not crazy, youre willfully negligent. And if your wife is not really crazy then get your butt back to the house and raise your kids like an adult.

And then, when it was clear that we were going to have to get a divorce, and I had all the money to fund it, my lawyer finally said to me, If you drag your feet any longer, youre going to have to get a new lawyer because Im retiring. This type of woman feels overly responsible for taking care of the family. And she feels taken advantage of by the guy because she thinks he could get a job if he wanted to.