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See what our writers say about t t is an excellent place for writers to earn good money while selecting their own assignments. Air Force One 1997, r Positively portrays a strong U.S. President who takes an uncompromising stance against terrorism. Includes positive material about family, authority, the military and sacrifice. 172,956,409, alone Yet Not Alone 2013, pG-13 Conservative Movie that demonstrates the significance that Christianity has had in building this great country of ours. Mostly in Spanish with large parts in English. Unknown The Dark Knight 2008 PG-13 Christian allegory with message of not giving in to terrorists. 533,316,061 The Dark Knight Rises 2012 PG-13 Movie that depicts Occupy Wall Street esque protestors as terrorists and has a hero that does the right thing even when it is the harder thing to do. R Big-screen adaptation of the iconic conservative text from George Orwell. 8,430,492, a Charlie Brown Christmas 1965, g The real meaning of Christmas is discussed, as Linus quot;s Luke. Decries the materialism that surrounds the Christmas holiday. The 100 Greatest Writers of All Time: 50-26. By alex carnevale and will hubbard. You can read the first two parts of The 100 Greatest Writers of All Time. 17,300,000 The Blues Brothers 1980 R Comedy musical. A story of redemption, "A mission from God raising money to save a Catholic orphanage. R-rated movie for vulgar language, slap stick comedy. (Written by Steve Koren Mark O'Keefe, the same writers of Click.) 242,589,580 Captain America: The First Avenger 2011 PG-13 Contains messages of patriotism, perseverance and standing up to evil dictators. The film's protagonist Steve Rogers is also arguably the most conservative superhero of the Avengers universe.