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Dim objFileSys As leSystemObject ' file system object, dim objFile As le 'file object, dim objTextStr As Scripting. TextStream 'text stream object. Dim ActionFileName As String ' destination action name 'this funciton is the main function which calls other functions.

Name "parsingvs_XML" 'get total columns and analyze the columns intColumnCount Worksheets. Close (False) End Sub 'funciton to write contents to file. Dim strStartquot;s As String ' Placeholder which holds starting double quot;s. Dim strEndquot;s As String ' Placeholder which holds ending double quot;s. Dim strStepName As String ' First line of the Parsed_XML_Function.

Dim strMisc As String ' Misc items such as Resource, Snapshot number etc. Dim strContentType As String ' Content type of request, dim intStepNum As Integer ' iterative count to identify step.

In addition, learn how to create and name sets of worksheets based on data in the current workbook, and then save each. Writing Code to Name a Worksheet. XML Parsing code, option Explicit, dim Path As String ' input path name, dim FileName As String ' input file name. Dim intColumnCount As Integer ' column counter, dim intLoop As Integer ' Looping integer, dim objDictionary As Scripting.

Sub Main path Worksheets(1).Cells(1, 2).Value, fileName Worksheets(1).Cells(2, 2).Value, actionFileName Worksheets(1).Cells(3, 2).Value 'open xml file, workbooks. Open FileName:Path " FileName 'activate the workbook. Windows(FileName).Activate 'delete first row, rows 1:1.Select lete Shift:xlUp, range(Selection, lect me "parsingvs_XML" 'get total columns and analyze the columns intColumnCount Worksheets(\"parsingvs_XML\ unt, set objDictionary New Dictionary intLoop 1, for intLoop 1 To intColumnCount, if InStr(1, Worksheets parsingvs_XML.Cells(1, intLoop "Request id 1) E.g. Parsed_XML_Function Step5 'Here 5 comes from intStepNum variable, dim strUrl As String ' contains URL and Query string. Dim strQueryStr As String ' Query string, dim strMethod As String ' Method part of request, dim strBody As String 'Body attributes.