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If you're sociopathic enough, you can ignore the political statements and the virtual lives that hang above your deny stamp, to discover some tight, puzzle-based play. The act of reviewing and cross-referencing a slew of documents sounds dull, but it taps into a hide-and-seek, "Where's Waldo"-type reflex.

That man has an ID card? Check his height. That woman's from Kolechia? Activate the strip search. You're always adjusting, always on high alert. Cheap Shit, enlarge /. Through those stamps, you wield immense power over the virtual citizens.

Verdict: Buy, study, and share this game as an example of video games as true art.

The low-res screen doesn't leave much room for things like your giant tome of regulations. Maybe you write them out and put them on your in-game computer desk. Soon, you'll be memorizing city names rather than looking them up and getting better at noticing false bits of data immediately. You'll need that money to pay for rent, food, and heat for your family of four. On a slow or error-filled day, you'll have to nix enough budget items to continue. Can you spot what's wrong in this picture? I have so many documents to review in my small booth today. Maps, lists, document guides, daily news reports, photo galleries. It can feel pretty cramped in here. Idiot. Lemme warm up the ol' "deny" stamp. KA-thunk! Next! Slurrrrp. Hmm. Your documents are all in order, ma'am. You're visiting Arstotzkan for. Two weeks, is it? No problem. KA-thunk! Glory to Arstotzkan! In fact, the keen, interactive treatment of repressive regimes, combined with smoothly ramping play, makes this a fine point of entry into the serious games genre for someone who might otherwise scoff.