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The inappropriate use of wrong connections causes their elimination. It is in this second phase of wiring where experience of the world can have a profound influence on the selection and maintenance of connections.

The Physical Aspect of the Living Cell and Mind and Matter, Cambridge Univ. Press, 1992. How the Mind Works: From Deciding to Action, what is mind? No matter. What is matter?

Creating an inner copy of the information, which is a representation of reality, does this. However this representation is at the service of the "will" in determining our behavior. In recent years there have been more interesting studies on the static geometry, i.e., the anatomy of the brain, leading to important testable predictions. This second step is a prolonged period that experience can profoundly influence the important details of brain circuitry. There are just not enough genes to account for the incredible precision of connectivity present in the adult brains (over 1,000 trillion connections).

Once these early connections are formed, neural function begins and neurons signal to each other by sending chemical-electrical signals over their long distance connections. In the phoning process itself, the frequent use of connections strengthens them with rewards of special nerve growth factors and other signaling molecules. Qty:, qty: 1, list Price: 16.00, save: 2.95 (18 fREE Shipping on orders over 35. In Stock. Ships from and sold by m. Gift-wrap available. Ship to: Select a shipping address: To see addresses, please or, use this location: Please enter a valid zip code. An elegant solution is to "hard wire" the trunk lines with specific molecular guidance clue.