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So you need a custom WordPress Plugin developed?  If you are a serious business looking for serious results, consider contacting me to develop your plugin.  As of this writing (July 2009) I have written over twenty (20) custom WordPress plugins for clients (and even a few for my own use) with glowing references available on request. Techniques, some of the techniques I use in my code samples may not be the best way to present code and you may be cringing because I dont have a lot of shortcuts. So if you need custom WordPress Plugins developed, contact me so we can get started.

Plugins come in all shapes and sizes, and there is a plugin that does just about anything for WordPress. As good as WordPress is as a standalone application, there are still things that WordPress lacks. My list of WordPress Plugins descriptions can be found at here. In addition to understanding the WordPress API in depth I During my experience developing these plugins I learned best practices for custom WordPress plugin development and the ins-and-outs of the WordPress API. And Series Publication Schedule, a post from this series is planned to be published every two days. To stay up to speed on the series, I suggest you subscribe to the Devlounge feed. This post was written as part of the How to Write a WordPress Plugin series. For any WordPress user, plugins are essential. WordPress Plugins allow those with little to no programming skills to extend the functionality of their blog.