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Home Writing Reading Social Studies Math Science, language arts, writing II, lesson I. THE essay, writing for a standardized test is a bit different than writing a critical essay for a teacher in a class. Pick out a crucial person who you respect and who has been helpful to you. Explain this person, why you respect him and in what way this person has helped you.

Rules of English: did you use decent writing techniques like sentence structure, spelling, punctuation, syntax and grammar, and did you shape and edit your essay after you penned the first draft? In your essay you need to identify that goal. Give an explanation of how you plan to accomplish this goal. You should use your personal observations, expertise and skills to support your essay. What is in your opinion more important, the things discovered at school or learned via real life experiences? Answer this question in an essay of around 200 words, and provide examples to sustain your perspective. When taking the test you will have forty-five minutes to arrange, write and review your essay. People who will assess your GED essay will be examining the way you handle the subject, how you build and sustain the principal thoughts in your essay, and in what way you apply syntax, grammar and punctuation. You must have specific motives for going back to school this year. Write a 200 word essay where you explain your reasons for returning to school. How can you benefit from what you expect to learn? Please add specifics. Consider something pleasant to do, like a hobby or a sport. Create an essay of around 200 words describing why you like this activity and how you profit from it.