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With over one hundred links to Web sites focusing on science and technology, this site offers a wealth of information to help with homework. Additional Resources, helping Your Child Learn Science, creates worksheets on math topics for grades K-8, including addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, order of operations, fractions, rounding, averages, factorials and exponents. Complete College Test Prep SAT, ACT, psat, AP Our easy-to-use test prep packages are packed with brain-sharpening videos, full-length practice tests and personalized, thorough post test-reports. We've got you covered from start to finish! Learn a math concept while you're waiting for a friend at a cafe. Whether you're using a tablet or smart phone, iOS or Android, you can have the same learning experience with our mobile app. Our website has changed several times, but our goal never has. We were very new to online education industry when we started, but 12,000,000 users helped us continue to improve our content and service as well as 800 schools who have used Brightstorm. Discovery Channel Science Search, fascinates students with high-quality video content from the Discovery Channel covering topics in physics, biology, space, technology, meteorology, and much more. Games and podcasts entertain students while news articles keep them up-to-date on scientific discoveries. Learn about Kid Info and the Author of Kid Info. Get Advice Now Get started now. Make your learning easier.

Samuel Dairo, Member since Jan. 2014 Brightstorm's fun and quirky videos have really helped me transfer what I've learned into the classroom directly into results on tests and quizzes. Their test prep vids are a great alternative to expensive and time-consuming tutors and tedious online classes.