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PowerPoint Presentation: F is for Flexibility. The rigid application of policy in all cases without exception will inhibit your ability to deliver customer service excellence. PowerPoint Presentation: G is for Going the extra mile. PowerPoint Presentation: Z is for being Zealous in your pursuit of Customer Service Excellence.

Focusing on employee satisfaction, building individual accountability, aligning behaviors with goals and values, communicating at all levels. Recognizing and rewarding success 7, our Commitment to Excellence, the journey to excellence begins with a firm and measurable commitment from everyone. Now a clich but still worthy of inclusion - amaze your customers by delivering that little bit more than they expect. PowerPoint Presentation: H is for Human. Customers like to deal with humans, not organisations and certainly not machines. Title: Service Excellence 1, from Good to Great, service Excellence University of Missouri Health, care September 1, 2005 2. The charge for University of Missouri Health Care is to move from a good organization to a great one.

PowerPoint Presentation: Q is for Quality service provision. PowerPoint Presentation: R is for Recovery. When something goes wrong take action immediately to keep control of the situation and find a solution which is acceptable to all.

PowerPoint Presentation: C is for Complaints, your most useful form of feedback. PowerPoint Presentation: D is for Dedicated staff working within a culture of customer service excellence. PowerPoint Presentation: E is for Empowerment, equipping your staff with the means and freedom to deliver excellent levels of customer service.