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How to Critique a Research Design (5 Steps) eHow

Results: Closely examine the data that is presented in the illustrations and tables. Is content accurately described by the legend or title? Are the labels and column headings accurate? Does the organization of data make for ready interpretation and comparison? Think about what has already been published on the topic. Have all of the previous key studies been considered within this paper? Is there a suggestion for further work in the topic?

Overview: Which journal is the paper going to appear in? Is the format appropriate for this publication? Read through the abstract a second time and be certain that it is an accurate summary of the paper.

Different methods can be used to tackle different questions. Research design. A research method is the specific procedure used to answer a set of research questions. Popular methods vary by field, but include.

At some point during your academic career you are likely going to be asked to critique a research paper. It may be one that has been written by one of your student peers for the class, or it may just be a random paper that your professor is using as an example.

Has all of the required information been presented clearly and in the most logical way possible? It is also. How to Determine Which Research Design to Use. How to Critique a Research Design. A research design is a detailed, proposed. It is a wise idea to have a peer review your research design before you execute it or turn in the paper.