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Freedonia provided both global and regional assessments of the opportunity for this company to supply the AWP industry. This included: Production estimates and forecasts by region Profiles and estimated market shares of leading AWP OEMs Key purchasing criteria and preferences of the leading AWP OEMs Regulatory and technology trends that may impact market entry and future demand A broad competitive.

New market entry For a global manufacturer of industrial components, Freedonia analyzed a potential market entry as a supplier to the global aerial work platform (AWP) industry. The study was in support of a strategic planning process in which the client was assessing the attractiveness and viability of entry into adjacent markets. Analysis included developing demand estimates, growth rates and substitution opportunities for specific packaging types across multiple end-use consumer product segments. Primary research interviews with consumer product companies, competitors, retailers, packaging equipment manufacturers and investment analysts yielded insights into material and packaging shifts in the marketplace, as well as unmet needs. How We Work, our dedicated custom research team seeks to add value at every step of the process, from initial dialogue through final deliverable, to ensure we make the project and you successful. The company was interested in expanding its product line and geographical presence within this product category. To inform the clients decision-making, Freedonia conducted in-depth primary research interviews across the value chain including competitive valve manufacturers, pump OEMs, distributors, end-users, installers and regulatory associations.

The final deliverable included: Estimates of plant-level financial statements including several components for Cost of Goods Sold (cogs) such as raw materials and production costs, and SG A such as distribution and marketing Description and estimates of competitors administrative and production staffing levels Definition of competitor plant capacity, production level and utilization, product mix and pricing New product launch For.

Why Clients Come to Us. Custom research studies are tailored to our clients specific business objectives and data requirements to enable decision-making related to clients growth initiatives, including: Industries We Serve, we offer exceptional service and results addressing your specific research needs and critical business issues across a broad range of industries on a global basis: Automotive Transport, construction Building.