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Research Paper Topics: 50 Ideas to Get Started

This results in a narrow subject! Here is a demonstration: art cars bedbugs eyeballs sandwiches, that looks really random, doesn't it? But your next step is to come up with a question that connects the two subjects. If you have trouble coming up with a thesis statement, your topic is probably too broad. A good research project must be narrowed down in order to be meaningful and manageable. The answer to that question is the starting point for a thesis statement. Art and unhealthy behavior: Is there a specific piece of art that represents the hazards of smoking? Is there a famous artist who died from an unhealthy habit?

You can see an extended example of this method in the list of World War II Research Topics. (what hip hop as therapy in Japan. (what and where) Hip hop as therapy for delinquent youth in Japan. (what, where, who) Eventually you will see that the process of narrowing your research topic actually makes your project more interesting.

A good topic addresses a specific question or problem. If your topic can be summed up in a word or two, like smoking, school cheating, education, overweight teens, corporeal punishment, Korean War, or hip hop, it is too broad.

Already, you're one step closer to a better grade! Another Tactic for Getting a Clear Focus, another good method for narrowing your focus involves brainstorming a list of terms and questions related to your broad topic. Most readers would like to know what happened to the person you're talking about and where they are in life now, so if this information is available, you might add a short note at the end of the paper.