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Or, you are shown the words spelling out a number, and you must write the digits. M - Guess the Color Game. In this online science game, mix the correct colors of light to match the color Roy G. 53. Ant-O-Nyms Skills: Antonyms Age Range: 8 12 54. Deluxe Paralaughs Skills: Fun Game with Parts of Speech. Make a Funny Story Age Range: 8 12 Social Studies Games 55. Continents and Oceans Skills: Learning the Locations and Shapes the Seven Continents and Five Oceans Age Range: 4 8 Play on: iPad/Android Tablet Browser 56. Advertisement. Glamour Legends Skills: Fun with Famous Americans like George Washington and Harriet Tubman Age Range: 4 8 57. Directions! Skills: Learning North, East, West, South, Northeast, Northwest etc. And Left and Right Age Range: 5 10 58. Amelia Writes Again : Marissa Moss. Read a free online story about 10-year-old Amelia, who is struggling with writer's block until her life and friendships deliver some pretty interesting topics to fill her new notebook.

47. Logo Maker Skills: Functional Literacy Age Range: 6 10 48. Kidzness Card Maker Skills: Functional Literacy Age Range: 6 10 49. Paralaughs Skills: Parts of Speech such as Nouns, Adjectives, Verbs, and Tensed words Age Range: 6 12 Play on: iPad/Android Tablet Browser 50. Reading Activities for Kids (Games, Online Comics, Web Books Mab Libs Junior) m Funbrain Reading - Featuring Mad Libs, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Tess's Tree and more! Roly Poly Rodeo Follow the instructions to use your keyboard to move the lady bug and avoid getting run over by the Roly Poly's! 73. Spacequake Skills: Ordering Planets of the Solar System Age Range: 8 11 74. Recycle! Skills: Learn about Recycling! Recycling Types Age Range: 8 11 75. Tornado Maker Skills: Learn about Tornadoes; Make Your Own Tornado Age Range: 9 12 76.