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This makes our e-mail correspondence a binding contract that you have read this page and understand the terms. It also puts you on my calendar in ink. This deposit is nonrefundable. You assured me that you can edit my paper in three days, something else the three previous editors could not do. Needless to say, I was highly skeptical, but three days later, you proved me wrong. She was immensely helpful in editing and has a thorough understanding of the process. I have recommended her to other doctoral students. Dr. Kevin Cabral I had been mired in a phase of my Ph. I guarantee that my work follows APA. Make sure you get that guarantee from any editor you choose. Of course, no one can guarantee that your professor will like the product or that your article will get published. If your plagiarism is egregious, clearly deliberate, and beyond the slightest benefit of a doubt (paragraph after paragraph lifted from another paper, citations and all I reserve the right to report you if you are a PhD candidate. If you've deliberately plagiarized something, don't hire me. Finally, this isn't a question, just a terrific website: Turn your dissertation into haiku at the Dissertation Haiku website: m/). I send you the completed work. I almost always send clients two documents: one with the changes marked using Word's Track Changes feature and one "cleaner" document with only changes marked that are questionable or need input from you. She was professional and courteous. Her turn around time was surprisingly fast. Her proofreading and editing services are rigorous. Her attention to detail is unquestionable. She was confident in her recommendations and able to support all recommendations with page numbers from the APA guide as well as the guide for my university, which is Nova Southeastern University.