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Moreover, as patient ratios are increasingly mandated, and studies of the impact of nurse staffing on patient outcomes are providing a growing body of knowledge, it is not only possible but likely that now that we can know what is safe hospital leadership will be held liable if they do not maintain safe staffing levels. Notes 3rd ed.23 hics and values in nursing. Values in health and illness ; The nurse and moral authority - Ethical issues in nursing. Benefiting the patient and others: the duty to produce good and avoid harm ; Justice: the allocation of health resources ; The principle of autonomy ; Veracity ; Fidelity ; The sanctity of human life. The plaintiffs attorneys contended that lack of monitoring by nursescaused by short staffingled directly to the permanent brain damage Keck suffered. Furthermore, the attorney claimed that the hospitals staffing plan, calculated according to hours of care per patient per day, failed to account for patient acuity, resulting in one nurse caring for as many as 20 patients at a time. Case commentary, why talk about, anderson v GMC or even, keck v Wesley Medical Center? Because staffing is still an issue. It will become more of an issue as reimbursement continues to be curtailed. Title: Case studies in nursing ethics: Publication Type: Book: Year of Publication: 2006: Authors: Fry, ST, Veatch, RM: Pagination: 460 p. Publisher: Jones and.

It would have been very interesting to see what a jury would have done with this case; however, the hospital agreed to a 2.7 million out-of-court settlement while still denying allegations of short staffing. According to the American Trial Lawyers Association, this was the first case to target corporate level staffing decisions rather than individual provider negligence. The defendant hospital blamed the doctors caring for the Shirley Keck, and denied any allegations of understaffing in order to increase profits.