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Please be up front about your budget. There are plenty of writers out there. Youll find one that works for you! By the waySometimes it pays to spend a little more on writing services than you originally wanted to. It wont seem like a scary process or something you dread. You may want to ask other questions in addition to the ones above. There are some ghost writers who may try to take your project in a different direction, but its up to you to speak up and reiterate that its not their project, its your ke sure theres. If you hire a ghost write today, youll have a completed screenplay, eBook, short story, series of blog posts, childrens book, white paper, etc. Tomorrow. What are you waiting for? Find and hire a ghost writer today!

What is a Ghost Writer? Ghostwriters (Photo credit: dev null wikipedia defines a ghost writeras a writer who writes books, articles, stories, reports, or other texts that are officially credited to another person. However, most writers may prefer to work on writing projects such as non-fiction, fiction, screenplays, YA, short stories, poems, etc. They could have a preference for specific genres of writing such as romance, chicklit, memoirs, travel, eBooks, childrens books, etc. Being vague with a deadline doesnt work. Ghostwriters usually have more than one client; therefore, if you find a writer that you believe is perfect for your book, eBook, screenplay, etc., be clear about your deadline date. If the ghost writer is close to you, perhaps you can meet in person from time-to-time. What is the estimated completion time? Whats your deadline? Do you even have one? Dont hesitate to tell a ghost writer that you need your project completed by a specific date.