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You are also encouraged to review our online printable study skills brochures. Successful Learning Strategies, communication, sLS-Communication 1: Communicating with Instructors, sLS-Communication 2: Active Listening Skills, learning and Memory. SLS-Learn 1: Principal of College Learning: How to Retain all that Information. Mastering the art of studying for tests is a difficult and arduous task. Cook Counseling Center recognizes that this is an area that many students struggle with, particularly those students who were able to coast through high school on talent alone, but have realized that that wont cut it in college.

If you find that none of these develops a solution for your study issue, contact Cook Counseling Center.

This information has been copied, with permission and some revisions, from the Virginia Tech server to ours, to allow faster access from our website. We encourage you to explore the original site via the links at top and bottom of this page. Test Anxiety Inventory, time Management, sLS-Time 1: Managing your Time, sLS Time 2: Procrastination. One of the goals of Student Academic Support is to help you develop skills and strategies that contribute to a successful and satisfying. Palmer educational experience. Academic Consultants can provide personalized help in determining your learning style and what study strategies may be most helpful for you. In the navigation to the left you will find a copious amount of study skills, tips, and techniques that will promote various aspects of your overall learning and study skills. Whether your problem is concentration or just needing to reassess your study environment, Cook Counseling Center has provided the resources to help.

SLS-Flash 1: How to Make and Use Flashcard, sLS-Memory 4: Mnemonics, stress Management. SLS-Stress Management: 102 Ways to Cope with Stress, study Skills, sLS-Study 1: Factors that Influence Study Efficiency. Testing Strategies, sLS-Test 1: Multiple Choice Tests, sLS-Test 2: Cramming for Tests, sLS-Test 3: Analyzing "Returned" Tests.