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Minnesota Women Business Owners Hall of Fame : 2014 Inductees

When Otto died in 1958, the grieving Ethel was stunned to learn the company was in dire straits 185,000 in debt and less than a week away from bankruptcy. Drawing on her experience as a production worker, shrewd business savvy and unwavering commitment to quality, Ethel returned the company (later re-named Ambassador Sausage Company) to profitability within three months and. Bolger. She was a businesswoman who cared about the needs of her female employees. Her answer to the problem of being a working mother was to bring the children her own and her employees into the printing plant on a snow day or when employees were working overtime. At printers' conventions, Gen was the only woman among a thousand men. Because of the respect she earned, whenever Gen was at an industry event, they would address the room by saying, Gentlemen and Mrs.

She was an active supporter of the community, particularly of the canine unit of the Minneapolis Police Department. At age 73, Ethel was named the 1989 Small Business Person of the Year by the Minneapolis Chamber of Commerce. Major clients included 3M, Guthrie Theater, Honeywell and Ann Taylor. Gen became a legend in the printing industry. She made her mark in a male-dominated industry and broke the paper ceiling for other women to follow her lead. She has been very active in Rotary for many years. Lou is currently a board member of Mill City Commons. Marilyn Bryant, marilyn grew up in the family-owned business that was founded by her father, Richard Tickle, in 1930. While in high school she developed an innovative herd management tool to establish the profitability of each of their animals. After building her public relations expertise in a rapidly-growing corporation, Lou (then known as Lou Brum) joined a small local public relations firm. While she was not encouraged to be an engineer, her father was enlightened enough to make her an owner of the Adjustable Joist Company, a highly unusual occurrence in that era.