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Overall Rating : Full Joint, package Rating : Sleek, stylish, colorful. Taste Rating : Excellent absinth flavor, blends beautifully with your smoke. Paper Size : 1 and 1/4 oversize Paper Texture : Normal Flavor Review : Top Five favorite flavor of all time. Tree free skins made of eco paper. Pure light hemp cigarette papers have been around since 1879. Not being stuck on any particular choice, here are the reviews for this smoking session. Healthy hemp rolling paper is made from natural environmentally friendly ingredients. All you taste is the flavor of whatever you're smoking, cigarettes, marijuana or legal buds. A good rolling paper skin is hard to find. Our legal bud products are available in better herbal smoke stores nationally and across the world. When you are done shopping return to the cart (with the top left cart icon or the view cart button on the bottom left, You can also just click the "checkout" button on the bottom left side of each page.) You will be asked to enter your shipping and billing info.

A new clear see through rolling paper has it's own particulars. A blunt can produce it's own reality. Pure Hemp rolling papers are one of the world's healthiest rolling paper choices today! Most cigarette rolling papers or marijuana rolling papers have flavored dyes, colored dyes, asbestos, toxins, glue, and harsh fire retardant chemicals. Do you realize these ingredients are killing you faster than the smoking cannabis does itself?