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Thereafter this study compares the market position of TU with one of its largest competitors: Thomas Cook. This dissertation accordingly has three over-riding objectives; to assess the present market position of TUI. A case study of the implementation of environmental accounting Critical Perspectives on Accounting, Vol. 12(3 pp. 269-292. Example accounting dissertation topic 2: An analysis of the extent to which intellectual capital is a hidden value in company financial statements with reference to Nokia, Samsung and Microsoft. (2002) An examination of the role of audit committees in the Saudi Arabian corporate sector Corporate Governance, Vol. 10(4 pp.288-297. Al-Mudhaki, J. And Joshi, P.L. (2004) The role and functions of audit committees in Indian corporate governance: Empirical findings International Journal of Auditing, Vol. Through so doing it further seeks to evaluates the extent to which their incorporation has resulted in changes to corporate governance that bring the internal auditing regimes in both countries more into line with those of the western hemisphere.

Thirdly, it examines the effect of the size of firms on the value relevance of book values and net income. The research is based on accounting information of UK companies listed on the London Stock Exchange ftse.

Audit committees are sub-committees of largely non-executive directors whose work encompasses matters relating to audit, financial reporting and internal control' (Al-Twaijry et al., 2002: 289). Accordingly, this dissertation seeks to compare and contrast the roles and processes used by audit committees in two developing countries: Saudi Arabia and India. Suggested initial topic reading: Gallhofer, S. And Haslam, J. (1997) The direction of green accounting policy: Critical reflections Accounting, Auditing Accountability Journal, Vol. 10(2 pp.148-174. Larrinaga-Gonzalez, C. And Bebbington, J. (2001) Accounting change or institutional appropriation?