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Youre obviously all too lazy for that. Just go to this link and copy the e in that word e at the top. Then, Apple F, which should bring up Find. 2. How to copy and paste properly. If you are finding that you do not have the ability to copy and paste things so that they are all in the same font and color, what you do is copy the text by hitting the apple and the squiggly line thing C (no need for instructions on PC because lord knows.

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And besides, you dont need to go high tech when the old methods still work. Take big lecture courses so that when the day of your test rolls around you can send someone to do it for you.

After that, go to Replace and type in a regular letter e after Find what and paste the Cyrillic e after Replace. Then hit the button reading Replace All and youre good to go. I think for a while weve all had a sense that there was a problem in our schools. Poor test scores, failing public schools, achievement gaps, all that bad stuff. We know that the Internet has made it impossible for young Americans, people barely eligible to vote while playing the lottery in a strip club, to grasp that using words.

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If for some reason you do decide to cite sources, use footnotes (Insert - Footnote) instead of endnotes and always leave the entirety of the webpages URL in the bottom. Find a font that is slightly larger (remember: Helvetica Times New Roman or just upgrade your font to size 12.5 or 13 if need be.