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HDR - Write the thesis

In the folders corresponding to research chapters, create sub-folders for data, notes, and drafts. Reference management software might be helpful. Over the course of several years, you will likely accumulate a large quantity of literature in electronic format, as journals are increasingly shifting to electronic publishing. If you need a second opinion onthe first or final draft of your thesis or dissertation, send it to our thesis editors for their professional opinion). When this format is applied in the sciences, the contents are organized as a unified body of text with sections for a literature review, materials and methods, and results and discussion. For example, in the dissertation literature review chapter, you could create a folder for drafts of the literature review and other folders for electronic copies of research papers arranged by subject. Start organized to stay organized, maintaining a coherent system of organization for your research data, references, and preliminary drafts is critical when writing and editing a thesis. To minimize the frustration associated with lost, misplaced, or scattered files, we suggest organizing your computer desktop according to specific research questions/experiments.

A summary chapterin which the implications of the research are discussed in the context of the principal research questiontypically concludes a thesis of this format. A second alternative for thesis organization is the manuscript format.

Though the thesis should be viewed as a self-contained body of work, for the sake of brevity it is necessary to assume that readers will have a rudimentary understanding of background material.

When discussing the results of other authors' research, include only the information necessary for readers to understand the context in which you are conducting your research and to comprehend the implications of your work relative to existing knowledge.