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Adult Speech and Language

This multiple sclerosis treatment may include: Instructing the patient to change the head or body position to make swallowing easier. Teaching the patient how to identify sensations prior to swallowing to help food go down correctly.

Speech and voice problems are most likely to occur during MS relapses or periods of extreme fatigue. Slurred speech is probably the most common speech disability in MS, says Allen Bowling, MD, medical director of multiple sclerosis services at the Colorado Neurological Institute in Englewood, Colo. Multiple sclerosis treatment involving speech therapy is tailored to the specific MS symptoms of each patient. Speech therapists, also called speech pathologists, use various techniques to help MS patients, including: Oral exercises, voice training, special communication devices, diet modifications. Speech therapists have recently begun to take a larger role in working with MS patients with swallowing difficulties, says William Sheremata, MD, professor emeritus of neurology at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine.

Contact your insurance company before you get an evaluation or go for therapy to find out whether they cover stuttering therapy. It's important to ask about stuttering therapy in particular because many insurance companies will pay for speech therapy that is restorative (i.e., after a stroke or brain injury but may not pay for stuttering therapy when it's viewed as.

Keep in mind also that some speech pathologists do not offer intensive therapy. If any of these factors are true for your situation, you might want to go to therapy one or two times a week for an hour across several months or even a year.

Once in the lungs, the food can lead to aspiration pneumonia. Speech Therapy Addresses Swallowing Problems, a patients doctor will usually diagnose swallowing difficulties due to MS and make a referral to a speech therapist. Just because you may have had treatment for your stuttering in the past does not mean you shouldn't consider it again. It is common for stuttering to change over time or for emotions and attitudes about your speech to change as you have new experiences.