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The Order Of Things - Essay by Pernille

Analysis and Interpretation of Judy Troys the Order of Things. Analysis and interpretation of Judy Troys The Order of Things. Sigurd Storgaard 2.e, everybody can fall in love. Even the most settled people with a wife and children can suddenly fall in love with another woman or vice versa. And once we did it was too late"   The only reason why he hasnt left his wife yet is because of his daughter ". Had two more years of high school once she graduated they could divorce."   He has recently lost his sister to cancer.

The order of things-Judy Troy, the story the order of things by the writer Judy Troy takes place in Worland, which is a city close to the Rocky Mountains.   Worland is a town with narrow streets   with a church, where the main character Carl works. A difficulty with rankings is that it can be quite hard to measure the variable you want to rank, even in cases where the variable seems perfectly objective. In the article the countries. Carl and Lucy are the main characters in Judy Troys short story The Order of Things. It is a short story that among other things deals with the issues put forward.

  All these things are very unlike compared to the other setting, which are filled with motels/bungalows and later on an old brown leather sofa at the church where he has an intimate relationship with a married woman. Everything is seen through his eyes, Carl forced himself to say, although he couldnt imagine getting back into his car (ll. 21-22). Overall we are dealing with a third person narrator who tells the story past tense, but the narrator is bound to the main character Carl.