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Try and remember this. The most important part is setting up your equation correctly! Explore this section and review it as often as needed. You will find printable conversion tables (coming soon word problems with answers, and shortcuts I have learned throughout the years (like easy medication calculations!). My hope is this little math section helps someone get over the hump and start focusing on other things to learn in nursing school. If you want extra practice, sign up below for, scrub Top Soup. A few even failed out of school. Dont let this be you. Most schools will require you to take repeated tests with just math on them fairly often. If you can grasp some of the important concepts early, it will help take some of the stress off from these quizzes.

Click here to learn a great formula for calculating PO liquid medications. Ready to learn how to do IV dosage calculations? When you are ready, move on to IV drip dosage calculations.

For the most part, calculating medication dosages is basic. Think elementary school basic math. We are talking multiplication and division for the most part. To be realistic, most of it can be done without a calculator. And the one that everyone hates. Weight based IV drip rate calculations. Click here to go to the home page m All Rights Reserved, click here for our Privacy Policy. It is our newsletter that comes out a few times a year. I will attempt to send a practice problem or two with each newsletter. Extra practice never hurt anyone! Enter your E-mail Address. Nursing Math Learn It and Make Your Life Easier, i was one of the lucky ones. Math and therefore nursing math always came somewhat easily to me. However, I saw many friends struggle though this part of nursing school.