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9 Online Gold Mines for Finding Paid Freelance Writing Jobs

Put your thinking hat on and see what blog post ideas you come up with that you can pitch to these blogs: 1. Listverse: 100, listverse publishes nothing but lists. Their posts are all long lists (usually beyond 1,500 words long) containing at least 10 items, with an explanation of why each item deserves its place on the list.

OK, so youve heard there are blogs that will pay you to guest post. Woop woop! Easy money. You dont need to be an established writer to do this. As long as you have some knowledge of the topic and you can string a sentence together, the only thing youll need is a bit of creative thinking to come up. Read more details here. 4. Galavanting: 50. Galavanting is a travel blog for women, by women. They pay 50 for a feature essay or 15 for shorter travel tips and blog posts.

Well, youre about to read a list of blogs that pay around 50 to 100 per post. And if youre as smart as I think you are, then at least some of those blogs will want to pay you, because youll follow their guidelines to get everything exactly how they like it. Read more details here. 2. Babble: 100, babble is Disneys parenting website. Theyre interested in stories that discuss parenting from an unusual angle or offer fresh advice on a parenting topic. Have you used pay-per-click ads such as Google AdWords? I know a number of bloggers who do it well, but I write about simple living and advocate simplicity, so I maintain control of all ads.

Here's how she got there and her advice for others. Barbara Findlay Schenck: Out of 180 million bloggers, only a small fraction make money. What do you say to those who think it can't be done?