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For achievement of the purpose I can make following strategic assumptions: 1. Expanding into HMO market - try. View Full Essay. The economic component of environment (rates of inflation, a rate of unemployment and wages, a trend of economic growth, specificity of competitors, features of suppliers etc.) appears the important factor. The technological component covers specificity of technological process.

The Welfare component means demographic shifts. The organizations functioning in the conditions of the changeable environment, require the structures adapted for acceptance of flexible decisions. Under the influence of changes in an environment the organization constantly develops.

Chandler has assumed that «the structure follows strategy». At strategic planning it is impossible to forget such important factor as environment. Essential influence on the company renders the political and legal component of environment consisting of the legislation at federal and local levels, and also the general political climate. Organizational Structure, organizational Structure, management structure formation is influenced by changes of organizational forms in which the enterprises function. So, at a company amalgamation in a conglomerate, there is a redistribution of administrative functions (the part of functions is centralized also the firm management structure varies. As a result, former elements and communications die off and new components are formed, corresponding to new conditions. Strategy states the plan according to which the organization intends to reach the purposes. Title: Organizational Structure, essay Details, subject: Business, author: Date: July 15, 1996, level: Grade: Length: 3 / 585, no of views: 0. Essay rating: good 0, average 0, bad I think the main purpose of this conglomerate can be the increase in sales volumes at the expense of fast and qualitative service of sellers and clients of the company that is one of the primary factors promoting achievement of strategy of reception and maximization of a corporate income in the short-term and long-term period.