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Choose the necessary task type from the drop-down menu. Specify the source, that is the name of the book/pages or the URL/http of the website where you took the task from.

There are many different options available, and the price depends on what exactly you need. You can choose to have your essay assessed in writing and to discuss it with me for 15 or 30 minutes by Skype (oral feedback). Or you could choose to get all the feedback in writing. Or you could get your essay assessed and all the corrective feedback in writing, AND you might want to discuss the essay for 30 mins to get some insights into how you could boost your score as soon as possible.

It might seem a lot, but you will learn more about essay writing by getting proper feedback and having a 30-minute conversation about ways to boost your score than by writing 20 essays without getting any feedback at all. In order to score high on most exams, you need to know the assessment criteria, that is what you get extra points for. It is not enough to write without grammar mistakes as grammar isn't everything. Type the wording of the task the topic of your essay (and NOT the essay itself). Click on "create". If you need an exhaustive list of ielts essay topics, ielts letter writing topics, etc click on sample exam tasks at the top of the page there - you will see a lot of those!

Step 1 -Go gister. Make sure you include your contact email address and Skype ID. If your email is wrong, you won't be able to restore your password, if your Skype ID is wrong, I will not be able to talk to you (that's speaking practice, by the way!) and explain some of the issues to do with your essay. And the good news is that getting your 1st essay assessed is free. If you like the assessment and feedback, and would like to have your essays assessed and corrected, you can order an essay grading package.